Final logo

We decided to keep the shape of the blocks and make it look like an oven with a hand-drawn style make it soft and inviting.

Mockup of shopping bag

We had their daughter write out the name of the bakery as best she could and with a little alteration, used it for the name of the shop. One of my favorite touches.

In addition, the client wanted to do something to support the local community, the Jujo area. We had the idea of making a mark, a sort of “made in Jujo”-type symbol that businesses in the area could use to show pride for the area and let people know that the area is developing. So, on the bottom left of the bag we added a “JUJO” logo. “Jujo” literally means “tenth street”, and the character for the number “ten” is a cross (十), which incidentally looks like an intersection, so it is a fitting symbol for the area.

The process

HUB & LABO is a group that consists of three shops: FOOD HUB & LABO, DIY HUB & LABO, and LIQUOR HUB & LABO. This new bakery, Panya Jujo, is a new shop in addition to these, located inside FOOD HUB & LABO.

Each of the shops is located around Jujo street in Kyoto, which is an industrial heavy area next to Nintendo’s headquarters. The locations are warehouses that have been remodeled. The unifying concept of the shops is “creation”. Each of the shops are open plan, encouraging customers to participate, and have events where customers can learn from creative individuals from each of the areas.

Our goal with the branding of HUB & LABO was to create a unified brand that conveys this spirit of creation. Thus, I came up with a Lego-like design to represent building & play. This also lent itself very well to being able to have the same but subtly different logo for each of the shops. We further conveyed the idea of building through image heavy branding with photos of each of the shops. In particular, showing the reclaimed materials of the warehouses to show the customers the environment of the shops, which also reinforces the building & creative concepts.

The branding of the original shops was done in 2017, so the new bakery is a bit of child brand of HUB & LABO.

First, we had a workshop to create several ideas of how the logo might look. We kept the isometric look to mirror the existing logos.

The idea of making the Lego-like blocks into bricks and making it into an oven won out. From there we started refining the look,

After that, we came up with the idea of a chimney and kept experimenting with types of bread & shapes of smoke.

Eventually, the client chose the log that they liked most.

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